Mission of Vision

To help people develop empowerment and business by building confidence and community through the use of designed action, communication, and instruction.

What Problems I Solve

I help organizations with strategical challenges relating to product and service experiences. I solve for the glaring unknown problems and produce human centered solutions that are viable, reliable, and desirable.  It involves listening to your gut without the gut reaction, taking into account customer needs and expectations and balancing them with the organization’s needs and expenses.  My work improves the lives of those who use it by listening to the stories of those affected, applying empathy to bring out insights that help companies achieve a better results when addressing challenges.



Located in Chicago

(513) 652-8590




Robert GrossmanMulti-talented designer passionate about utilizing formalized Design Thinking methodologies to solve problems, benefit communities or companies, and improve the lives of others. Good listener who quickly gets to the heart of the problem and devises/ prototypes effective solutions. Broad-based experience spans everything from graphic to industrial design.

When not working he can be found exploring the world with his wife, Daniela, on their bicycles or his 1974 Vespa Rally. He can also be found training his dog, Pesto, in parks on the northwest side. He is an avid practitioner of Hapkido and Arnis martial arts.