10 Tips for Creating Multimedia Marketing Experiences

street festivals are great opportunities Creating Multimedia Marketing ExperiencesCreating a multimedia pop-up experience can be a lot of fun and generate a lot of hits for a brand’s marketing. It takes work and planning.

Thinking about throwing together a multimedia marketing experience?  Absorb these 10 tips for creating multimedia marketing experiences that Jason Snell and Michael Gibboney, of Cincinnati design studio, We Have Become Vikings, put together after creating a pop-up concert marketing experience.  Working with Landor Associates, a local music store, and the band Ohio Knife, Jason and Mike created a full multimedia branding pop-up that started in Cincinnati and traveled down to Austin, TX for SXSW.  Here are their ten considerations if your planning a crazy pop-up experience that will take you halfway across country.

1. PR! PR! PR!

Jason says talk with public relations groups.  Figure it into your budget ahead of time.  And develop a constant stream about what your doing and tell the world about it!

2. Start early

Get to planning.  Get up and on the road early.  Set your alarm clocks and jump out of bed happy to get it going.

3. Listen to your guts

If it sounds like a bad idea, it probably is.  That goes for paying a huge amount of money for a room, chugging a bottle of tequila, or simply going with the cheapest printer bid.  As Enova’s Product Manager, Chetan Pakoor says, it may go against what the data has shown, but you have to make choices and listen to your intuition.

4. Get it in writing!

That means have contracts.  Hire a lawyer and have them look over your contracts.   There are lawyers who specialize in creative services law.  In fact, if you haven’t already, listen to Gabe Levine and Erika Hall’s podcast on “the exciting intersection of small business law and endurance running.”  Having a contract makes you look more serious about what it is you’re doing, even if it may seem a bit out there.  It makes you look a bit more serious.

5. Location Location Location

Unsure what this means?  Ask your real estate friends.  Just kidding.  Don’t just pick any old spot.  Maximize your exposure.  Scout it out ahead of time.  Try to take in  and account for as much of the dynamics as possible.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask / bribe

Jason and Mike spoke about setting up a pop-up concert on the streets of Austin during SXSW.  But before they set up they spoke with a police officer hanging about and told them what they planned on doing.  And since part of their experience was giving away hundreds of customized guitars, they made sure that the officer got one, too.  And wouldn’t you know, they were one of the last pop-up concerts to be shut down that day.

7. Choose your team wisely

Fill roles that are needed.  Look for people with knowledge and have the attitude you are seeking.  People who know how to do what it takes to get things done and know how to tell you “no” when you need to be told no, and can back it up.

8. Find a good bed!

Use airbnb.com or something similar.  It may seem like a good idea to take that free couch or floorspace, but you’re their for a mission.  You don’t want to wake up crippled with a crick in your neck.  And get your rest.  It can be really easy to get sucked into the all-night hoopla, but if you’re doing something for a reason, read #2, and get some sleep.

9. Everyone pitches in

That’s why you assembled that crack team with all the knowledge and attitude you needed, right?  No one’s getting paid to stand around, unless that’s a job, because sometimes it really is.  And standing around is NOT an easy job.

10. Stop for good coffee

It’s the little things in life, so make some time.  If you make some time to find good coffee rather than just some truckstop joe, you may find a great little gem in a great little town and who knows where that can lead you.  Many a fantastic side adventure started as a quest for coffee.

Some last words of wisdom from the WHBV fellas are to think about what the goal of the experience you’re creating really is.  Then think about how you plan to follow that up.  Don’t be scared to think big and no idea is initially too crazy at first.  What can you get away with?  Think about it and go for it!  Just keep #3 in mind.

Here’s a link to Landor Unleash video’s of the experience.


Here’s a video of the guitar giveaway.

And here is the music video they made to accompany the experience.  If you wait until the end you can see the adult “Big Wheel” they hired me to create.


Robert Grossman is a design thinker currently located in Chicago, IL.