Divvy is Chicago’s bicycle share program and the second largest in North America with over 5000 bicycles and 500 stations.  I signed on in 2013, at the very beginning, excited to help make it happen.


  • How might we create a way to increase the amount of functioning bicycles on the street without hiring new personnel while increasing employee job satisfaction? 


  • Interviews with Divvy mechanics, drivers, dispatchers, and management, as well as independent bicycle messengers.
  • Insight journey and experience mapping sessions
  • Business model canvas 
  • Active iterative prototyping

Business Case

  • Storyboard
  • Business model canvas
  • Qualitative comments from expert sources


  • Insight journey and experience mapping sessions
  • Rapid iterative prototyping


  • 3 scalable mobile mechanic positions
  • 400% increase in repairs by each mechanic in the field
  • Happier mechanics due to being allowed out in the field
  • 1 less van roundtrip a day per mechanic
  • Helped increase weekly output from 88% to 92%