MoBo Bicycle Cooperative


The MoBo Bicycle Cooperative is a nonprofit community bicycle workshop and education space in Cincinnati, OH, with 300+ members.  I started as a volunteer in 2007, during its first year when it was still in a shed under a huge walnut tree.  A year later I was helping develop their mission, vision, and governance.  A year after that I was serving on its board until I left in 2013 to move to Chicago.

• As the shop became flooded with neighborhood children with a multitude of problems, we realized we needed a special time to dedicate to “KidsOnly” , so Scott Pardi, Gabe Freeman, and myself sat down and designed MoBo’s first Children’s Program.

• With the MoBo drawing a diverse membership, I developed a system of service that helped people feel welcomed while assessing their individual wants and needs and integrating them within the capabilities of the shop at that moment in time.

• By communicating with the members, I learned of their stories. From this I was able to consider who in the broader community would be a good resource to consult with on projects. Our projects kicked butt and won awards.

• Through observation, hands-on practice, comparing notes with colleagues, and multiple iterations, I developed a training system that allows the trainee to better absorb the material than simply demonstrating then expecting them to copy what was shown.

• Brought international attention to MoBo and the city of Cincinnati by representing Cooperative at international conferences where I lead a workshop on dealing with difficult personalities and sat on an international panel to discuss how we worked with volunteers.

• Raised awareness of the cooperative through the production of marketing materials; directed artists and designers and coordinated with outside vendors; managed and wrote articles for the website

• As bicycling became more common in Cincinnati, more businesses and communities began installing bicycle racks to encourage business. I found myself approached to consult on the design and placement of several of these.

My Role:

• Service Design
• Program Design
• Training Design
• PR Lead
• Design direction
• Marketing
• Project lead
• Board member
• Consultant
• Web management
• Blogging