Skill Venture

Learn a skill in return, teach a skill

Skill Venture is an open source app intended to build community by allowing people to globally connect and trade skills with one another.  It was conceived, designed, and developed during the 2016 Global Service Jam in Chicago.   

The Challenge

To create a service from from a sound.

Process Used

After given the challenge, my team had a brainstorm session to explore what we thought, felt, and associated with the given sound.  We then brainstormed out possible opportunities for services and voted which to pursue.  A quick journey map was made and we then began to prototype to work out what we were thinking and saying at different stages of the service.  We went from improvisational acting to Prototype On Paper app exploration.  Then moving into explanatory video, business model canvas, and service personality development.


A  interactive presentation and exploration of an open-source service possibility

My Role


• Identifying the personality of the service
• Identifying stakeholders/actors
• Creating Business Model Canvas


• Brainstorming
• Identifying core of the service
• Identifying service enablers


• Acting out situations of interaction
• Drawing out interface components
• Testing the integration of components

Play with the prototype here


• Acting
• Prop creation
• App layer creation