Working Bikes Online Sales

Working Bikes gives donated bicycles new life by redistributing them as tools of empowerment in local and global communities. They place over 6,000 bicycles each year to international and local partners.  



Working Bikes has large stores of quality bicycles and parts that are unwanted by their international and local partners and don’t sell in their brick-and-mortar store.  Their effort to create more revenue and through-put was to create a new online store.

How might we create a sustainable online service?
challenge statement for working bikes online sales effort 1
value proposition canvas for online store


The initial round of research was to first determine the challenge statement. We then identified who the key target markets were, and created loose personas. Those were plugged into value proposition canvases determine better language for the team to rally around. It also helped keep the focus on the customers and so Working Bike’s online team could stay focused on the value provided. This led to a rough business model canvas and a clearer look at the hills to get over to reach their goal. The personality of the service and how to handle customer breaches were then worked through.  All this required in shop interviews with staff and customers. Interestingly, once interviews were held outside the shop with key customer types, it was determined that some of the store’s key target markets don’t have time or inclination to dig around looking for what they need.  They go to one or two spots where they know they will find it, the main one being eBay and the other being specific online forums.

My Role: challenge statements, business model canvas, value proposition canvas, personality of service, service breach determination, hills and mountains, KPI determination, stakeholder interviews, immersions, journey mapping, protoyping


Through a series of working experiments, we set up a series quick and dirty product photo shoots.  Each iteration evolving to improve on the last. Documentation of set up was made to better base each new round. Once a process was figured out then it was recorded for later training purposes to allow new personnel to take over responsibility when the time was right. After a number of interviews we created a blueprint for the team to reference to help stay on track.

My Role: process determination and recording, prototyping, blueprinting
rough protoype experimentation with product photoshoot for online sales
Customer Break Points workshop with Working Bikes staff


A number of workshops were held with the staff of Working Bikes to not only fill in the gaps in their online store processes, but to also facilitate better communication and understanding between team members about the project.  There had definitely some drop-offs in communication, as well as assumptions being made between staff about the work, expectations, and limitations. Time was spent workshopping with the sales manager to better recognize systems and record them. Lateral thinking workshops were done with staff to teach them to not go with the immediate first answer to a problem, but how to begin to explore their options.We looked at what was involved with creating an online store, how it was perceived, and how the team believed customer breaches should be handled. When the brick-and-mortar store received a Yelp review claiming racist treatment, the staff had  already had worked together to determine how they wanted to address it, rather than being reactive in the moment.

My Role: facilitating prototyping, brainstorming, and mapping workshops


The team developed better communication in regards to their project.

They have seen online revenues increased by 10x.

The website received over 20k online hits in 1 week.

The online sales team began to actively create scalable processes.



Brian is the key person in charge of the working bikes online sales